What if the image is diced?

1. To watch TV channels in standard quality, the speed must be at least 5 Mbps, and also from 8 to 10 Mbps for watching TV channels in HD quality.
2. Check the connection speed with our servers.
3. If the set-top box is connected to the Internet via Wi-Fi, try connecting the device via a cable.
4. Reboot the console, turn it off and then turn it on again.
5. If these manipulations do not help, contact technical support.

What should I do if the console hangs?

After the prefix has been updated to a new firmware, a number of nuances have been noticed:

1. While watching a TV channel, the image suddenly disappears.

2. Does not respond to buttons on the remote control.

Solution of the problem!

Disable the prefix from the network, then turn it on as soon as the inscription appears downloading the portal,right click on the remote control button "menu", then go to the built-in portal, then (the procedure):

Settings> Software autoupdate> press the F2 button (green button)> in the line, "available version", select the version on the remote control (left-right) version 0.2.18-r14-250> press the F1 ( red button) and wait, when the process of the firmware is over, after the done manipulations, the prefix works reliably.

What do I need to connect the service?

To connect the service you need any prefix or player with support for M3U playlist.

How can I try your TV before buying?

Service offers to try for free within 1 days before you pay for it.

What password do I need to enter on private channels?

Standard password: 0000. You can change the password in the settings of the service, in the "Parent settings"

Can I add a new channel myself?

You do not have the option to add a channel yourself, but you can write to the support service and we will consider your offer.

Can I watch plusx on multiple TVs at the same time?

In order to look at several TVs you need several devices on which our service works and a few subscriptions.